How Do You Remove LCN Nails?

Begin the process of removing LCN gel nails by applying a cuticle softener. This exposes the new growth of the nail. You should then file the nail to remove gel layers, removing the nail slowly as you go. While removing the nails, keep dipping your fingers in the cuticle softener, and wash with soap and water until the nails are completely gone.

LCN, or Light Concept Nails, are made of gel-like, light-cured resin and are more durable than acrylic nails. You must remove gel nails in a proper manner to prevent any damage to your nails. For effective removal, ensure that you use an acetone-based remover. Should you find it hard to pull the gel off, simply soak the nails for another five to 10 minutes The best time to remove LCN nails is when the nails are ready to be filled again.

LCN gel nails are usually applied like nail polish and cured under Ultra Violet light. The nails are non-porous and contain none of the unpleasant odors or harsh chemicals you often get with acrylic nails. They also have a more natural appearance and do not discolor over time. These nails are very flexible due to the gel, and this prevents breakage and cracking.