How Do You Remove an L-Shaped Nose Piercing?

To remove an L-shaped nose piercing, push the jewelry through the piercing at the correct angle, then sanitize the area. Do not attempt to remove the jewelry unless the piercing has fully healed. If the piercing is new, wait at least nine days before removal.

  1. Wash hands with soap

    Scrub both hands with antibacterial soap and warm water. Dry them with a clean cloth.

  2. Find the bar

    Locate the L-shaped bar by holding the pierced nostril slightly open. Press a finger against the nose jewelry, and feel for the L-shaped bar.

  3. Push the bar through the piercing

    Find the end of the bar. Push the bottom of the L-shaped bar up and through the hole in the nose. Continue passing the bar through the nose piercing until the angle lines up, then push the rest of the jewelry through the piercing.

  4. Clean the jewelry

    Wash the jewelry with antibacterial soap, then rinse it with water. Dry it completely with a clean paper towel.

  5. Clean the nose

    Mix a pinch of non-iodized sea salt into 1 cup warm water. Soak the nose in the solution for a few minutes. Pat the nose completely dry with a clean cloth.

  6. Store the jewelry

    Put the removed jewelry in a clean container. Clean the jewelry thoroughly before putting it back in the nose piercing.