How Do You Remove Kraftmaid Drawers?

KraftMaid drawers are an excellent investment for any home and a great way to rejuvenate a stale, tired kitchen. According to Masco Cabinetry, KraftMaid cabinets and drawers are designed to be adjustable by the user. Over years of normal use, you may need to tighten some screws and hinges or adjust some drawers or runners to maintain peak performance. If you overload the drawers, they may also lose their ability to close or operate properly. To fix these problems, you can quickly remove a KraftMaid drawer with a few simple steps.

  1. Open the drawer

    Pull the drawer toward you and make sure nothing is preventing the drawer from opening and closing properly. Look under the drawer to familiarize yourself with the hardware and tracking that holds the drawer in place.

  2. Push the orange clips inward

    Look for the orange clips located on both tracks beneath the backside of the drawer face. Push the clips inward to release the drawer from its tracking.

  3. Pull the drawer

    Pull the drawer toward you until it’s completely removed from the tracking component. Push the tracking back inside the drawer cavity so you don’t accidentally bump into to it and damage it. Clean the drawer, and put it back in place.

  4. Adjust the hinges

    Periodically, you should also tighten hinge screws because they can become loose over time with normal wear and use.