How Do You Remove an Iron on Patch From Clothing?

mediaphotos/E+/Getty Images

Remove an iron on patch from clothing by softening the glue under the patch with a hot iron and peeling up the patch, starting from the corner. You need an iron, ironing board, lighter fluid and laundry detergent. The time required for removal varies depending upon the size of the patch.

  1. Heat the iron

    Set up the ironing board and plug in the iron. Heat the iron to the highest heat appropriate for the fabric. Select the setting carefully; some fabrics scorch if too much heat is applied.

  2. Apply heat to the patch

    Rub the iron over the patch, pressing down to soften and loosen the glue underneath. Keep the heat centered over the patch to avoid scorching the surrounding fabric.

  3. Peel up the patch

    Before the heat has time to disperse, begin gently peeling up one corner of the patch. Continue to peel until you experience resistance. Reapply heat from the iron as needed until the entire patch peels off.

  4. Treat the remaining glue with lighter fluid

    Once the patch is removed, inspect the fabric. If any glue remains, rub the area gently with lighter fluid.

  5. Wash the garment

    Launder the garment by itself. Inspect the garment once it comes out of the washing machine for any remaining glue or stains.