How Do I Remove Iron-on Hemming Tape?

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To remove iron-on hemming tape, place a scrap piece of fabric over the hemming tape and apply a heated clothes iron to the fabric for several seconds, and then remove the scrap fabric away quickly. This will pull any residue off the item that was originally hemmed, but you may have to repeat the process several times to fully remove the hemming tape.

Iron-on hemming tape, or fusible webbing, is a convenient way to hem clothing without sewing. It bonds two pieces of fabric together when heat is applied, and weakens when the same amount of heat is reapplied, so it can be adjusted if necessary.

If you need to adjust the placement of the fabric on the hem, you must work quickly. As the iron-on hemming tape cools, it becomes less sticky, and needs to be reheated to bond with the fabric.

If the hemming tape comes directly into contact with the hot iron, clean it off after the iron has cooled using acetone nail polish remover to gently rub the adhesive away.

Different brands and types of hemming tape work better with certain fabrics. Read the instructions carefully before applying any hemming tape to get a better result, and use the recommended type of tape for each different fabric you work with.