How Do You Remove Hair Dye With Developer Shampoo?

Emma/CC-BY 2.0

Removing hair dye with developer is best done by a trained stylist, since it removes the natural melanin in addition to dye from your hair and can leave your hair brassy and brittle, but it can be done at home with care. Developer is a peroxide solution that can be bought in four strengths at a beauty supply store or from an online retailer. Choosing the right developer, no more than 20-volume strength, is important to your hair health.

  1. Mix the developer solution

    Using a coloring bowl, mix 3 tablespoons 20-volume developer, 2 tablespoons lightener, 2 tablespoons clarifying shampoo and 2 tablespoons conditioner for dry hair. Higher-volume developers should not be used with permanent dyes, especially black or bleach. They are difficult to control because they work very quickly.

  2. Apply to hair

    Wearing a pair of coloring gloves, apply the mixture to wet hair. Stop about 1 inch away from your roots. Knead the mixture into your hair starting at the tips and moving toward your roots. Work the mixture into your hair for five to 10 minutes. Check your hair color frequently. Processing time varies based on the condition of your hair. Overprocessing can result in breakage.

  3. Rinse and shampoo

    Rinse the mixture out with warm water. Shampoo and deep condition.