How Do You Remove Fluid From the Inner Ear?

Ways to remove fluid from the middle ear include using decongestants and antihistamines, says McKinley Health Center, and by performing simple exercises that “pop” your ears, according to WebMD. However, fluids in the inner ear, as opposed to the middle ear, are essential to its functions.

The inner ear consists of a labyrinth of fluid-filled tubes and sacs that serves two important functions, hearing and balance, explains the Vestibular Disorders Association. The cochlea is filled with fluid and sensitive nerve endings that transmit sound to the brain. The vestibular organs are involved with balance and use the fluid and hair cells to provide the brain with information about head movement.

Unwanted fluid in the middle ear causes ear infections and irritation, but there are some actions a person can take to help get rid of the fluid. Decongestants and antihistamines reduce the swelling of the eustachian tubes, allowing fluid to drain out, states McKinley Health Center.

Yawning and chewing gum may help, notes WebMD. Also useful is a simple exercise where a person closes his mouth, holds his nose and gently blows, which makes the ears “pop” when the pressure levels inside and outside become the same. If the problem is serious, visit a doctor. A doctor puts a small tube in the eardrum that falls out over time.