How Do You Remove Enamel Paint From Clothing?

In order to treat the clothes, find out if the enamel paint is water based or oil based. Enamel is normally an oil based paint, but water based paints also use the term.

If the enamel is oil-based use the steps below to help get the paint out of freshly stained clothes.

  1. Remove Excess Paint
  2. Wipe off as much of the paint off as possible, this helps to lessen the possibility of a permanent stain.

  3. Rinse
  4. Run water over the stain, but make sure the shirt does not dry.

  5. Treat Stain
  6. Place the clothing with the stain face down on light colored cloth or paper towels. Smear turpentine onto the stain, making sure to push it in so the stain starts to loosen up. Repeat this process until the paint no longer comes off.

  7. Soak
  8. Using a mild dish soap, scrub the stain and let the clothing stay in water overnight.

  9. Wash
  10. Remove the soapy water from the clothing by rinsing the clothes thoroughly. Wash clothing like normal. If the stain remains, take stain remover and spray or rub onto the stain and wash like normal again.