How Do You Remove an Earring With a Ball?

Antagain/E+/Getty Images

To remove an earring with a ball, called a Captive Bead Ring, wrap a pair of needle-nose pliers in electrical tape, place the end of the pliers into the middle of the ring, and slowly pry it open. Catch the ball, and carefully rotate ring until the gap is in the right position to pull away from your skin. This process only takes a couple of minutes and requires pliers and tape.

  1. Prepare your pliers

    Wrap your needle-nose pliers in electrical or masking tape to prevent the pliers from scratching the metal on your Captive Ball Ring. Scratches on the metal in your body jewelry can promote the spread of bacteria.

  2. Remove the ball

    Pry open the ring by placing the end of the wrapped pliers in the center of the ring. Place your free hand under the ring to catch the ball. Be careful not to warp the shape of the ring.

  3. Rotate the ring

    Remove the earring by slowly and carefully rotating the ring until the gap in the ring is positioned to pull away from the skin. If the gap is not big enough to pull away from the skin, turn it back, and open it more with the pliers.