How Do You Remove the Drip Pan From a Refrigerator?

If the drip pan of a refrigerator is removable, access it by removing the grill from the front of the unit and pull the pan forward. Some units give owners access from the back of the refrigerator. As of 2015, most new refrigerators do not have removable pans.

The drip pan collects the moisture the freezer forms when it operates its defrost cycle. Ideally, the fan blowing across this moisture causes it to evaporate before mold begins to grow. However, in areas of high humidity, the moisture allows growth and causes odors. In units with removable pans, the owner should drain the water periodically and wash the pan in a solution of equal parts of vinegar and water to kill mold spores. Removable pans are usually ivory in color.

In units where the pan is not removable, cleaning is more difficult. Some of these units have refrigerant lines around and in the pan. Attempting to remove these pans is likely to cause the refrigerant to leak. If the pan needs cleaning, the owner should wipe any accessible areas with a damp sponge.

If water leaks under a refrigerator with a removable pan, the owner should check to ensure the pan is in the correct location. If the removable pan is cracked, replacements are available through appliance parts warehouses. If fixed pans leak, they require replacement by a certified technician.