How Do You Remove the Drawer in a Maytag Washer Pedestal?

To remove the drawer in a Maytag washer pedestal, pull the drawer completely forward, and unscrew each hex-head screw using a 1/4″ nut driver. Set the hex-head screws to the side, lift the drawer away from the drawer slides, and push the slides back in.

The Maytag website has a complete list of all manuals available for Maytag appliance models, including the laundry pedestal with storage drawer. The laundry pedestal manual shows written installation instructions along with diagrams and images of included hardware.

The installation manual demonstrates the steps to remove the drawer in the section “Unpacking the Pedestal.” Each laundry pedestal is shipped with the storage drawer already installed. In order to correctly attach the pedestal to the washer or dryer, the storage drawer must be removed.

The storage drawer has a drawer slide on each side of the drawer along the outside. The drawer is attached to the pedestal by two hex-head screws, one in each drawer slide. The pedestal front is connected to the drawer, and it should not be removed.

The storage drawer may need to be removed if the pedestal feet need to be adjusted or replaced. If the washer or dryer is vibrating, the jam nuts attaching the pedestal to the appliance may need to be tightened, and the drawer must be removed for access.