How Do You Remove Creases From Area Rugs?

Marc Romanelli/Blend Images/Getty Images

Creases in area rugs can typically be removed by allowing new rugs to rest for several days, reverse rolling the rug or steaming the creased area. Creases are usually a temporary result of the rug being rolled during shipping and seldom pose a long-term challenge to rug care and maintenance. However, for stubborn creases it may be necessary to contact a carpet professional for assistance.

Because creases usually occur due to the packing process for shipping, they tend to disappear after several days just by letting the rug relax. For persistent creases that do not disappear after allowing the rug to rest, experts recommend simply rolling the rug in the opposite direction of the crease. Find the direction of the crease by rubbing running a hand through the threads to determine the direction of the pile. Then, simply stand facing the rough end, and roll the rug tightly in the direction opposite to the direction of the pile.

If rolling does not work, the rug can be steamed. Although it is recommended that steaming be performed by professionals with knowledge of rug care, it can also be done at home with an iron set to the “wool” setting. For rug owners who live in warm settings, allowing a rug to sit in natural sunlight also helps it relax, releasing the creases.