How Do You Remove Adhesive From Clothing?

To remove adhesive from clothing, remove any extra adhesive, soak the area with petroleum jelly, and wash the item with soap. Adhesive or glue stains can be removed from clothing with a spoon, petroleum jelly, dish soap and laundry detergent.

  1. Spoon away the glue

    For adhesive or glue stains, use a spoon to lift away any excess glue. Be gentle with the clothing so as not to damage the item.

  2. Apply petroleum jelly

    Sponge petroleum jelly onto the stained area, and remove any pieces of glue that become loose.

  3. Rinse and wash the item of clothing

    Use dish soap to remove the petroleum jelly, and run the clothing under hot water, bearing in mind the safety of the garment. Once all of the glue is gone, wash the item in warm or hot water in a washing machine.