What Is a Religious Retreat?

According to The Good Retreat Guide, a retreat is a journey that can be religious or spiritual in nature, and is typically taken away from the confines of everyday living. The purpose of a religious retreat is to get closer to God or rediscover one’s faith.

Religious retreats can be as simple as a weekend camping in nature or as complicated as traveling around the world for months at a time. The point of a retreat is discovering a connection with God and doing so in a place without distraction and stress.

Religious retreats do not have to be solo affairs. Many churches and religious groups hold retreats so people can get together and simply discuss their faith. Group retreats often include activities such as group discussions, hiking, arts and crafts and presentations.

Retreats do not have to be expensive affairs. Anyone can hold a religious retreat at any time as long as the point is to get closer to God. Retreat Day recommends holding a day long retreat in a place such as a park or beach and using the time alone to reflect and pray. Daylong retreats can also be used to read religious texts and write down personal feelings about faith.