What Religion Does Yannick Bisson Practice?

The religion practiced by Canadian actor Yannick Bisson is not known to the public, as of 2015. Bisson is best known for the television series “Murdoch Mysteries,” “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye” and “Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy.” He plays the lead character, Detective William Murdoch in “Murdoch Mysteries.”

Bisson’s first big break was the CBC movie “Hockey Night” in 1984 and he starred in his first TV series, “Learning the Ropes,” in 1988. While it is not known whether he practices a religion, other information about him is available. Bisson was born in Montreal on May 16, 1969 and grew up in Toronto. He married Chantal Craig in May 1990, and as of 2015, the couple have three children, Brianna, Dominique and Mikaela.