How Do You Relax a New Perm That Is Too Curly?

To fix a new perm that is too curly, conditioning with oil and conditioners is a must. Beyond deep moisture treatments, try a few styling options to tame the curls. If neither of these options works, visit the salon for a relaxing treatment, but don’t try chemicals at home.

  1. Gather needed supplies

    For an at-home curl relaxing option, get the following supplies: canola oil, plastic wrap, towel, gentle shampoo and deep conditioner. If the conditioning treatment doesn’t tame curls, a blow dryer, round brush and large rollers can help create a better style.

  2. Give hair a deep conditioning treatment

    Saturate hair with canola oil from roots to tips. Because this process can be messy, applying the oil over a sink or bathtub can be helpful. Cover hair with plastic wrap then wrap with a towel to prevent drips and seal in heat and moisture. Let oil soak into hair for at least one hour. Then rinse out oil and wash with a gentle shampoo. Follow with a deep conditioner, letting it soak in for at least two to three minutes. Rinse again, then repeat with conditioner again.

  3. Blow dry and roll hair

    If the conditioning treatment doesn’t relax the curls, blow dry hair with a large round brush. If needed, use large rollers to set hair into a different curl pattern. The combination of a deep conditioning treatment and heat styling may tame new permed curls.

  4. Visit a salon

    For curls that won’t relax with a conditioning treatment and new style, head back to the salon. A stylist can apply a relaxing treatment to break the curl into a different look. Be wary of using too many chemicals on hair at one time; hair can be easily damaged with both perming and straightening chemicals.