What Is the Relationship Between Poverty and Inequality?

Harry Hook/Stone/Getty Images

In many cases, people who have unequal opportunities in life often live in poverty, and people who live in poverty may be treated unequally. Although a person who experiences poverty may suffer from inequality, every person who faces inequality is not impoverished. Inequality directly affects the amount and severity of poverty within a nation. Countries that have greater inequality often have many citizens living in poverty.

Inequality can be crippling to a person who wants a better life for themselves and their families. Minorities throughout the world are often victims of inequality, and inequality is an obstacle that prevents them from securing wholesome opportunities. Unequal treatment can make it difficult for a person to establish a meaningful career, find a job or buy properties. Poverty is often extended for generations because children often experience the same blocks that their ancestors faced.

There are many reasons why a person may be treated unequally. Prejudice and discrimination are often factors in cases of unequal treatment. Some people feel that poorer people are inferior to them because they have less. Fighting inequality in the world is necessary to ensure that all people have equal opportunities in life regardless of their race, color background, economic status or any other difference.