What Is the Relationship Between Hardware, Software and Peopleware?

In order for a computer to function, it requires hardware and software; however, operating this machine requires human beings who are also referred to as peopleware. Without these three components, the world of computer technology would not exist as it does today.

Hardware refers to the basic components of a computer. These may include things like the keyboard, mouse, motherboard, monitor and hard drives. For these things to function, they require programs that are installed in the form of software.

The operating system, or OS, is the basic software for running any computer. It works together with other software for video streaming, music playback, word processing, Internet browsing and more.

All of these things need human interaction in order to function properly. It is a human being that has to input instructions in order for the computer to execute the task. If, for example, a person wishes to send a message, he or she has to type the contents of the message through the keyboard then press the send button before communication can take place.

Some examples of peopleware include individual people, teams of people, business innovators and end users. Though not tangible, the human component of computer technology is quite vital.