How Do I Reinstall the Norton Tool Bar?

To reinstall the Norton toolbar, open your browser’s Add-ons menu, and install the Norton toolbar add-on or extension. You need Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, Norton Security, Norton Security with Backup or Norton Identity Safe, and you need to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer as a browser.

  1. Launch Norton, and run LiveUpdate

    Launch your version of Norton. Go to Tasks or Security, and click LiveUpdate. Wait for the software to update, and click OK to close the update tool. Close the software and all other programs, and restart your computer.

  2. Launch your browser, and open the Add-ons menu

    Launch your preferred browser. Click on the Menu button, and select Add-ons. If you are using Google Chrome, launch Norton, and open the Settings menu. Click Identity Protection or Identity Safe. Click Configure, and open the Settings menu.

  3. Install the add-on

    Locate Norton Toolbar in the list of available add-ons. Click the Enable button next to Norton Toolbar to reinstall its functionality. Look through the list for Norton Identity Protection, and enable it. To reinstall the extension in Google Chrome, open the General tab in the Settings menu for Identity Protection or Identity Safe. Locate Google Chrome, and click Install Extension.