How Do You Register a Sony Product Online?

To register a Sony product online, navigate to the Product Registration section on, and type the necessary information regarding the product, including the model number and place of purchase, in the appropriate fields. Although product registration isn’t mandatory, it provides benefits such as access to the Sony Rewards program.

Navigate to, hover over the Support button in the navigation bar, and click on the Product Registration icon. When the registration form loads, type the model number of your Sony product in the first field, click on the Date of Purchase field to activate a calendar, and select the date when you purchased the product. Open the drop-down menu in the Place of Purchase section, select the store from which you bought the product, and enter the email address that you wish to associate with the Sony Product Registration account. When ready, click on the Register Product button.

If you don’t know the model number of your Sony product, click on the Where’s My Model Number link below the first field to access instructions regarding ways to ascertain the model number for different products. Registering your Sony product online includes benefits such as proof of ownership in case you lose the product, access to drivers and user manuals, notifications about firmware and software updates, and a chance to earn points that provide discounts for future purchases of Sony products.