How Do You Register a Samsung Television?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

To register a Samsung television, go to the Samsung registration page, and type in your model number. If you do not know your model number you can search for it using the links on the page.

  1. Go to the Samsung registration page

    You can find this page by going to the main Samsung website, scrolling to the bottom and finding the Register Your Device link under the Owners and Support heading.

  2. Enter your model number

    Near the top of the page in a black box, look for the text that reads “Start by entering your product’s model number or name,” next to a long white text box. This is where you enter your number.

  3. Use the links on the page to find your model number

    If you do not know your TVs model number, use the links on the page to find it. Click the TVs link under the TV/Video heading. Select your product from the dropdown menu and find your model number on the next dropdown menu. Click the Register This Product button.

  4. Fill in details about your product and purchase

    You need your product’s serial number, the purchase date, store name, city and state. These details allow Samsung to verify your purchase and register your product for any warranty for which you are eligible.