How Do You Register for the Safeway Club Card?

Safeway Club Cards are only available in-store. It’s possible to ask customer service for an application or print out the application at home and bring it in already filled out.

Registering for a Safeway Club Card involves filling out an application with basic information. As of 2015, the application requires a first and last name, street address, birth date, email address and phone number. Customer service clerks can usually give new applicants a card right away. Likewise, it’s possible to input a phone number to receive savings at the register.

The Safeway Club Card gives customers access to sales exclusive to members. These discounts are available for viewing online. Card holders have to click which savings they want added to their Club Cards. Customers can also update their information on the web page after logging in.

Upon checkout, card holders swipe the card through the credit card machine or input their phone number. The savings are itemized on the receipt. Customers also earn points toward discounts at Safeway gas stations.

Another program associated with the Safeway Club Card is eScrip. The eScrip program allows members to register their card with a school. A percentage of their qualifying purchases go to that school. The eScrip program is not valid in Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming.