How Do You Register a Goodman Warranty?

Register a Goodman warranty online at Have the serial number, dealer name, and dealer address and phone number available to complete the registration process.

From the front page of, click on the link labeled “Product Registration.” On the next page, fill out the form with the product serial number, model number and installation date. Register more than one unit at a time by clicking the Add button and supplying additional serial and model numbers.

Continue to the next page, and fill in the purchaser’s details, including name, address and phone number. Fill in the dealer information, and supply an email address if desired. Submit the form to complete the registration process. Contact Goodman customer service with any questions or concerns about the registration process by calling the toll-free number and selecting the first option presented.

Every Goodman product is backed by a limited warranty on all functional parts, but warranty specifics vary by model. Download warranty certificates online, or look up the details of a registered warranty by navigating to Warranty Lookup from the homepage.

Goodman was founded in 1975 as a manufacturer of plastic blade registers and flexible air ducts. The company expanded into manufacturing central air conditioning units and heat pumps in 1982.