How Do You Register for a Gmail Account?


Register for a Gmail account by going to the Gmail website and following the instructions to create a free account. The account provides an email address and the option to create a Google+ profile as well.

  1. Go to Gmail

    Go to the Gmail website to create an account.

  2. Click create an account

    Click the Create an Account link underneath the sign-in box.

  3. Provide your name

    Enter your name into the sign-up form.

  4. Choose a user name

    Type in your desired user name. If the user name is unavailable, Gmail asks you to enter a different user name. Try adding numbers, dashes or periods to your desired user name to find an available option.

  5. Choose your password

    Select a password that you can remember. Enter the password again to confirm the password. Gmail passwords are case sensitive.

  6. Enter your birth date

    Select the month that you were born in. Type in the day and year of your birth.

  7. Complete the captcha field

    To prove that you are not a robot, enter the numbers presented in the captcha field.

  8. Choose your location

    Select the country that you live in to move forward.

  9. Agree to Google’s terms of service and privacy policy

    Read through the terms of service and privacy policy before agreeing to the terms. Check the box to indicate agreement with the terms. Click Next Step to continue the process.

  10. Access your new account to complete the process

    Click Continue to Gmail to access your new email account.