How Do You Register a Garmin Product Online?

Register a Garmin product online by using the product registration tool, which is featured on Garmin’s official website. Users should prepare a USB cable to connect their Garmin device to an Internet-enabled computer.

Garmin is one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronic products that are powered by global positioning system technology. This company primarily offers a broad range of GPS equipment for marine and automobile applications. Garmin also produces sports and fitness products along with mobile devices. To register a Garmin phone, follow the steps provided below.

  1. Navigate to the Garmin website
  2. Use a Web browser and install the Garmin Communicator Plugin. Go to the Garmin website and scroll down the home page. Locate and click on the myGarmin link under the Garmin Sites header.

  3. Access the product registration page
  4. Click on the Register link to be redirected to the product registration page. Select Phones from the product options displayed on screen.

  5. Sign in or create a Garmin account
  6. Log in to an existing Garmin account by providing either a username or email address and a password. For users without a Garmin account, click on the Create One link to sign up.

  7. Provide product information
  8. Enter the product serial number when prompted. Follow subsequent instructions to complete the registration process.