How Does a Refrigerator Water Dispenser Work?

JazzIRT/E+/Getty Images

A refrigerator water dispenser works by pressing a small, paddle-shaped piece that acts as a lever for a switch inside the refrigerator door. The paddle-shaped lever is used to turn a valve located in the back of the refrigerator, which is connected to tubes that lead to a water supply.

Many refrigerators utilize a selector switch that allows the user to choose between water and ice. After selecting water or ice, pressing the paddle-shaped piece opens a valve that allows the water or the ice to flow from a reservoir into a glass. The water dispenser uses tubes that travel through a control valve into the refrigerator. The tubes are connected to a small reservoir that cools the water before it is dispensed. After the water has been dispensed, the reservoir is filled with more water, which provides consistent water quality.

Aside from the water and ice dispenser, most refrigerators incorporate an additional feature installed directly into the dispenser. A water filter is generally mounted on the inside or the outside of the refrigerator, depending on the model. The dispensed water flows through the filter, which removes microbes or harmful chemicals that affect the taste of the water or have harmful health risks.