How Do You Refill a Straight Talk Account?

Refill a Straight Talk account by logging into your personal account on the My Account portal on the Straight Talk homepage. You can refill your account online once or sign up for automatic refills.

Individual account refills include a service end date, when the account remains empty until you refill it again. Make a one-time refill online by logging into your account and requesting to add a specific amount of money to your account.

Set up auto-refill on your personal account by logging into your account on and entering your debit card or credit card information. With this option, the funds in your Straight Talk account automatically refill when the service end date arrives. Straight Talk allows you to cancel this option at any time without incurring any fees and notifies you before and after each monthly charge.

The Straight Talk My Account online portal allows you to manage your account, make any changes to your plan or contact customer service with further inquiries. Additionally, Straight Talk allows you to check your account balance or activate phones online as well. Straight Talk wireless plans are available in over 3,000 Wal-Mart locations in the United States.