How Do You Refill Oxygen Bottles?

Oxygen bottles can easily be refilled with a personal oxygen tank refill system, according to OxygenPlus Medical Systems, Inc. These systems quickly place oxygen directly into empty oxygen bottles.

Before attempting to refill an oxygen cylinder, the bottle is thoroughly checked for broken seals or leaks. If the bottle has leaks, it is no longer safe and should not be refilled, explains OxygenPlus Medical Systems, Inc. After inspection, the bottles are cleaned off and attached to the refill systems with a sturdy, flexible tubing.

The process of refilling oxygen bottles begins by attaching the oxygen tank to the refill unit with a coupler tool and a cylinder nipple set. The system uses a double-pressurized head compressor with the assistance of a pneumatic pressure intensifier. The refill systems extract air from the surrounding area and purify it with its filtration system. Once the oxygen bottles are successfully connected to the air refilling machines, the process begins, states OxygenPlus Medical Systems, Inc.

The combination of these tools assures fresh oxygen is transmitted successfully into tanks, notes OxygenPlus Medical Systems, Inc. With the push of a button, oxygen is quickly refilled into cylinders to make portability a breeze. Once the process is complete, tubes are detached from both the machine and bottles, and the oxygen bottles are ready for use.