How Do You Reduce Pain in Feet With Neuropathy?

Kris Ubach and Quim Roser/Cultura/Getty Images

Neuropathic foot pain may be reduced by soaking feet in warm water, good foot health care, adequate exercise, and controlling contributing conditions such as diabetes, diet, and smoking. Neuropathic foot pain has many causes, ranging from diabetes to chemotherapy, and often the cause is unknown.

Identifying and treating the cause when possible should be the first step in pain management. For example, diabetics with neuropathic foot pain may need better control of their blood sugar levels. Smokers may experience relief if they reduce or stop smoking.

Addressing diet and exercise can also reduce foot pain. Eating a balanced, healthy diet that includes vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins can help alleviate neuropathic foot pain. Excess amounts of sodium, caffeine, nicotine, and high-fat foods may aggravate the pain. Exercise also helps with foot pain. Improved circulation and blood flow reduces pain, and exercise also releases natural endorphins, which help with pain. Walking slowly is a good way to start. If the feet are too painful for a slow walk, nonweight bearing exercise such as riding a bicycle, swimming, or rowing may help instead.

Soaking the feet in warm water may also reduce pain. The warmth of the water promotes circulation and often soothes pain. Always test the warmth of the water before putting your feet in it, particularly if sensation is dulled in the feet, to avoid burns.

Proper foot care also helps with neuropathic foot pain. Consult a podiatrist to ensure you are wearing the proper shoes and supports necessary for your unique foot needs. Examine your feet daily to make sure they are free from injuries, splinters, or nail problems. Address any foot problems quickly to promote foot health. Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes, and avoid standing or sitting for too long in one position. Massage may be helpful as well. Taking proper care of your feet and your overall body can help alleviate neuropathic foot pain.