What Is Redotex?

Redotex is a drug that is sometimes prescribed or recommended as a weight loss aid. It is produced in Mexico by the Medix pharmaceutical company and is banned in a number of countries, including the United States.

Redotex is the primary drug in a cocktail Mexican clinics sometimes prescribe for weight loss. Though a prescription is required for it in Mexico, it is available for sale through various websites based outside of the United States that do not require a prescription. It contains triiodothyronine, norpseudoephedrine, atropine sulphate, the laxative Aloin, and diazepam.

The FDA has advised against the use of Redotex and considers it a health hazard as its ingredients are a haphazard mix of stimulants, tranquilizers, diuretics, laxatives and thyroid drugs. Possible side effects of Redotex include increased heart rate, major fluctuations in blood pressure, loss of electrolytes, confusion and hallucinations. As of 2014, it is banned in the United States and border agents can confiscate the substance.

Redotex may lead to rapid weight loss as it contains an appetite suppressant, laxative and diuretic. There is no clinical evidence to support it as a safe method of reducing body fat, however. The drug also requires continual use to have any effect, which means that exposure to the potential negative health effects is also continual.