How Do You Redeem Vudu Codes?

Redeem Vudu codes online at by selecting Redeem Movie Credits under the Services menu and entering the code on the next page. A Vudu account is required to redeem codes.

Enter account credentials at to log in. Hover over the Services menu tab, and click Redeem Movie Credits. On the next page, type in the code in the Enter Your Redemption Code field, and click Submit. Movies are then applied to the Vudu account and can be accessed by clicking the Movies & TV tab. After that, click the My Vudu tab on the following page.

In addition, Wal-Mart’s InstaWatch program allows customers to receive Vudu copies of movies automatically without the use of a code. A Wal-Mart account and Vudu account must be linked to use this program; a Wal-Mart account can also be used to log in to, without creating a separate Vudu account. At Wal-Mart stores or, purchase movies with the InstaWatch sticker or logo on them. Scan store receipts with Wal-Mart’s Savings Catcher smartphone app to apply the movie to the Vudu account. Online purchases receive an automated email confirmation as a follow-up. The InstaWatch program is only compatible with Wal-Mart purchases.