How Do You Recreate Jane Fonda’s Hairstyle?

Recreating actress Jane Fonda’s hairstyle requires going blond, getting the correct haircut and styling it with waves and volume. Jane Fonda has worn some version of a shag for years.

The first step to achieving Jane Fonda’s hairstyle is coloring hair dark blond with lighter blond highlights. Fonda has her hair colored with L’Oreal Paris color. Her colorist starts by dying her roots a golden blond shade. Next, the colorist adds lighter blond for contrasting highlights.

The next step is getting a shag haircut. As of 2015, Fonda wears her hair above her shoulders in a haircut with layers and fullness on the top and crown. The bangs should be left long and swept to the side.

Fonda styles her hair in a few different ways. However, to style a classic shag, stylists apply volume booster to the roots and dry the hair most of the way. At the end, they use a big, round brush to add volume all over the style.

Sometimes Fonda wears her hair flicked up on the sides. For this look, stylists either use a smaller round brush when drying or a flat iron, depending on how pronounced the flicks are. Sometimes Fonda wears more curls in her hair. For this style, stylists usually use a large barrel curling iron to create soft waves around the face.