What Is Recovery Like After Tori Removal Dental Surgery?

Recovery after tori removal surgery is usually a slow, painful process that lasts between two to four weeks, as described by Dr. Steven W. Seibert. However, much of the intolerable pain and discomfort dissipates after the first week, according to Dr. Kirk W. Noraian.

The first five days of the postsurgery period are characterized by severe pain and minor bleeding. During this time, it is advisable to take nonaspirin painkillers such as Advil or Ibuprofen after every four to six hours, as suggested by Dr. Seibert. The medication considerably eases the pain and any associated discomfort. It is normal for the gums and other affected areas to be swollen for most of the first week. The swelling is expected to lessen during the second week of the recovery period.

In the first two days of the recovery period, a patient might experience a slight fever. However, any persistence of the fever beyond the first two days may signal an infection, as stated by Dr. Noraian. The patient should take any prescribed antibiotics to prevent infections during the recovery period. The antibiotics should be taken to the last pill, as Dr. Seibert explains. Regular dressing of the wound should be done to help prevent infections.