How Do You Recover From Macular Pucker Peeling and Surgery?

To recover from macular pucker peeling and surgery maintain low physical activity and exercise including not lifting anything over ten pounds, according to Sarasota Retina Institute. Recovery from surgery takes between three and six weeks.

Surgical recovery from macular pucker peeling can take up to six weeks while visual recovery can take up to six months. Maintaining limited activity while administering topical eye medication for three to four weeks after surgery aids in recovery time. Refrain from running, jumping and stooping, states the Sarasota Retina Institute. The first 24 hours the patient should not drive due to sedation from surgery.

For a week the patient must take it easy as most complications from macular surgery occur within the first month, states Patients are suggested to maintain regular visits to the doctor, the day after surgery, within two weeks later and periodically over the next 3 to 12 months. Strenuous daily activities result in a longer surgical recuperation period than the average expected six weeks when returning to work is acceptable.

Visual activity and function generally occur within the first six months with remaining improvements up to two years. Complications like retinal detachment, scar tissue formation and infection can cause a longer recuperation time, stated by Sarasota Retina Institute.