How Do You Recover Deleted Internet History?

Although there are many ways of recovering deleted Internet history on your PC, doing a system restore is one of the easiest ways. To do a system restore, go to the Start menu and do a search for “system restore.” System restore can recover browsing history that was recently deleted.

A system restore can also be done by clicking the Programs icon on the Start menu and then choosing Accessories. Here, there are System Tools and System Restore options to choose from. Select the date you wish to restore to, and let the system restore process. After finishing, the computer reboots, and the Internet browser history is recovered. One must know where Internet history is stored to be able to recover the browsing history. It is also important to note that Internet history may sometimes be stored as Internet cookies. In order to access the browser history, targeting these system resources is very important.

Another practical way of restoring browser history is through log files. However, this method is only practical if the history was deleted a long time ago, and it is worth noting that by using this method, a person may end up losing more vital data in the process.