What Is the Recommended Humidistat Setting in Florida?

According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, a humidistat in Florida should be set at 62 percent. Other sources are more general and recommend a setting below 70 percent.

Humidity is a measure of moisture in the air. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, high levels of moisture facilitate the growth of harmful molds. Although conventional air conditioners typically keep relative humidity at the recommended level of 55 percent or below, residents of areas in which humidity tends to be high employ the assistance of a humidistat to control the level of humidity in their homes. In particular, Florida has many part-time residents who do not occupy their homes year-round. Setting their humidistat at the right level is essential for these individuals to keep mold from growing in their homes. In addition to a humidistat setting of 62 percent, part-time Florida residents who leave their home vacant for long periods of time are encouraged to leave cabinet doors, machine and dryer doors and all interior doors open while the home is vacant. The air conditioner filter should also be changed and the house carefully inspected for leaks prior to departure for the season. Ceiling fans should be set to the “auto” mode.