What Is a Recipe for Making Holy Anointing Oil?

Holy anointing oil is crafted from a specific recipe that includes five ingredients: myrrh, cinnamon, calamus, cassia and olive oil. The recipe was revealed to Moses by God. Holy oils are not merely oils that have been blessed but sacred materials that should be used with care.

In Exodus 30:23-33, God tells Moses how to make 4.33 gallons of anointing oil. To make a smaller batch of holy oil, this recipe is reduced from gallons to drops. The first ingredient is 50 drops of myrrh, an aromatic resin found in the Commiphora myrrha trees of Eastern Africa. The second ingredient is 25 drops of cinnamon.

Next, add 25 drops of calamus, a scented plant also known as sweet flag. Then, add 50 drops of cassia, which is derived from the bark of an East Asian tree called Cinnamomum cassia. Finally, add 65 drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and blend all five ingredients together.

This is a very precious and sacred oil that is to be used for sanctifying the tabernacle, the ark of the Bible, the table, candlesticks and vessels used in religious ceremonies, and the altars of the church or temple. Oil made of this recipe was used to anoint Aaron and his sons, consecrating them as priests.

Anyone looking to make this oil should be warned that Exodus 30:32-33 forbids the oil to be used on anyone or anything unless it is to consecrate a priest.