How Do I Recall a Sent Message in Hotmail?

It is not possible to recall a sent email in Hotmail, because the Hotmail email system does not currently offer that service. However, Gmail does offer that service. To recall an email on Gmail, you must do it within 30 seconds of sending it. You must enable “Undo send” in the settings menu. Then, click undo to recall a sent email.

  1. Go to Gmail settings

    To enable the recall feature in Gmail, start by going to the settings menu. When you are in Gmail, click on the gear button at the top of the page and then click on “settings” to get to the settings menu.

  2. Enable undo send

    In the settings menu, click on the “Labs” tab. Then scroll down and find the undo send part. The options will be enable and disable. Tick the enable option to enable recalling of a sent email. Gmail will reload automatically and take you back to the inbox.

  3. Change the cancellation period

    The cancellation period can be set from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. Go to the settings menu again and click on the general tab. Scroll down to the undo send section. There is a drop-down menu with the options for the length of the cancellation period. Pick the one you want.

  4. Click undo

    After you send an email, a confirmation status appears at the top of the inbox. You can click the undo button before the cancellation period ends, in order to recall the sent email.