How Do You Know If Your Rear End Is Going Out in Your Truck?

The most obvious sign that a rear end differential is going bad are loud noises when driving or turning corners. As the damage gets worse, drivers notice vibrations, a loss of speed on the road and, finally, the vehicle does not move even though the drive-shaft is turning.

The rear end differential is an essential part on all vehicles. This series of gears allows different wheels to spin at different speeds.

Whenever a vehicle turns, the wheels on the outside of that turn must spin faster than the wheels on the inside of the turn to keep up. Naturally, without a differential the inside wheels would end up skidding. Over time, the differential wears down and needs repairing or replacing.

Initial signs of a rear end failing are loud noises from the back of the truck. These include a loud whining noise at high speeds and a clunking or banging sound when turning corners.

If the driver ignores these signs, the vehicle will eventually start vibrating and can lose some speed due to the vibrations. When the differential fails, the vehicle eventually stops moving. It will lock up or simply refuse to turn when the driver attempts to make turns.