How Is a Real Movado Watch Identified?

To identify a real Movado watch, owners can check the printing on the watch, examine the watch logo, match the serial number and inspect the watch’s second hand. A deal on a Movado watch that sounds too good to be true may indicate that the watch is a replica.

Genuine Movado watches are usually printed with the words Swiss Made or Swiss Movado Made, with the word Movado in all capital letters. This printing is usually on the watch face. Fake or replica watches may be printed with the words Swiss Movado Quartz.

Genuine Movado watches also have the logo printed on the inside of the watch. This can be accessed by removing the back cover. Again, the word Movado should be written in all capital letters.

Cross-checking the watch’s serial number with a company representative also helps to identify a genuine product. The number can be found on the company website. A replica watch may contain spelling and grammar errors on the watch face or on the inside of the watch.

The second hand on a Movado watch glides smoothly across the face in a continuous motion. A replica may “tick” with every second. Other indications of a replica include dust, debris and other imperfections or blemishes on the inside of the watch.