What Are Some Real Life Examples of Parallelograms?

Yagi Studio/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Real life examples of parallelograms include tables, desks, arrangements of streets on a map, boxes, building blocks, paper and the Dockland office building in Hamburg, Germany. A parallelogram is a two-dimensional shape that has opposite sides that are equal in length and parallel to each other, and opposite angles that are equal. Rectangles, squares and rhombuses are all parallelograms, so any object that has one of these shapes is a parallelogram.

The Dockland office building in Hamburg, Germany is an example of a parallelogram that is not also a square, rhombus or rectangle. It was completed around 2006 by BRT Architekten for Robert Vogel GmbH & Co. The building is located at the end of the Edgar-Engelhard-Kai, between the Fischereihafen and the northern Elbe. The building resembles a ship with a cantilevering “prow” over the dock, and it is considered a gateway to the city.