Is There Real Ginger in Ginger Ale?

John Clark Photo/Moment Open/Getty Images

Most well-known brands of ginger ale do not contain real ginger. These store-bought beverages usually contain ginger flavoring that consists of a mixture of spices.

Ginger ale is a carbonated nonalcoholic beverage made up of carbonated water, sugar, and artificial flavorings and colors. The ginger flavoring in the beverage often comes from a mixture of spices and other flavors, such as lemon or lime. Some ginger ales may have mint, raspberry or green tea added.

Because real ginger is considered a natural remedy for indigestion and upset stomach, ginger ale is often considered an acceptable remedy as well. Considering that mass-produced ginger ales do not actually contain real ginger, any positive results are likely the result of a placebo effect. Tea made with real ginger is a more effective solution for these stomach problems.