How Do You Read a Chevy VIN Number?

You read a Chevy Vehicle Identification Number by decoding the characters in the 17-character VIN. Find your VIN at the base of the driver’s side dashboard.

  1. Decode the country of assembly

    The first three characters indicate the country of assembly. Chevies are assembled in the United States, Canada and Mexico so the VIN begins with a 1, 2 or 3, respectively. The second character is G for General Motors. The third position varies.

  2. Identify vehicle attributes

    The fourth position indicates the vehicle brake system and body style. The fifth and sixth characters indicate the chassis series. For example, VH indicates a Traverse ½ ton LTZ.

  3. Decode the seat belt system

    The seventh character is the restraint code. For example, an E indicates active seat belts and airbags in all seating rows.

  4. Identify the engine

    Position 8 indicates the engine type. For example, D stands for a 3.6L V6 engine.

  5. Read the VIN check digit

    The ninth character is a unique digit check and validates the entire VIN.

  6. Identify the manufacture year

    Position 10 indicates model year and is represented by a letter. For example, an A indicates the vehicle was built in 2010.

  7. Find the manufacturing plant

    The eleventh character identifies the manufacturing plant. For example, S indicates the vehicle was made in the Springhill, Tenn. plant.

  8. Identify the production number

    The last six positions are a sequential production number.