How Rare Are Two Dollar Bills?


Modern $2 bills are not rare because the $2 bill is still printed and in circulation, explains the U.S. Department of the Treasury. As of 2015, the most recent printing of $2 bills was 2003. The Treasury estimates there were approximately $1.5 billion of $2 bills in circulation in 2007.

Though current $2 bills are only worth face value, some antique bills are worth more. Two-dollar bills from 1875 can fetch more than $1,000, even in poor condition, notes Antique Money. However, the collectible value of the bill drops significantly for money printed after 1899. Two-dollar bills printed after 1899 can generally be purchased for less than $100. Mint-condition $2 bills from 1967 are worth less than $10 to collectors, explains Antique Money.