What Is the Range for Good Cholesterol for a 72-Year-Old Man?

Bambu Productions/Taxi/Getty Images

The range of HDL (good) cholesterol that is considered optimal for a 72-year-old man is at least 60 milligrams per deciliter, states the National Institute of Health. It is ideal to have higher HDL levels, especially since bad (LDL) cholesterol increases with age.

Adults over the age of 20 are recommended to visit the doctor to check cholesterol levels every four to six years, states The American Heart Association. Total blood cholesterol levels under 180 are considered good, but these vary from patient to patient due to other risk factors, including age. High levels of good cholesterol are important to reduce the risk of heart disease. Factors that can decrease good cholesterol levels include genetics, drugs, smoking, being overweight and type two diabetes.