Why Is Ramadan Important to Muslim People?

Ramadan is an important holiday to Muslims because it is one of the most major holidays and it incorporates fasting, which is one of the main practices in the Islamic religion. Fasting has to do with a form of worship where Muslims resign themselves from every day enjoyment, like food and water, as an act of worship to God. During Ramadan, Muslims fast in order to ask for forgiveness for sins of their past.

Fasting is also considered a form of spiritual cleansing where abstaining from sustenance and bad habits is a way of cleaning oneself from the wicked desires and sins of mankind. Fasting is very important to Muslims because not only does it symbolize loyalty to one’s faith, but it wholly requires self-control and commitment to do.

In the Islam canon, Ramadan is a holiday that refers to the Qu’ran, the Islam holy text, that describes a month in which Muhammad, the Islamic prophet, conceived the initial verses.

Ramadan has always been a passionate time for Muslims of all ages. Very young children even take part in the fasting, and the holiday is also considered important because it is recognized in the Muslim tradition as a time of brotherhood among Muslims, where communal closeness is encouraged and people celebrate their faith.