How Are Raingo Gutters Installed?

Fasten the Raingo gutter fittings and brackets to the fascia of the house using rust resistant screws, and then snap the gutter sections into the fittings and brackets. Use slip joints to connect gutter sections to each other.

Genova Products manufactures the Raingo vinyl gutter system. A complete gutter system includes brackets, gutter sections, and fittings (corners, end caps, drop outlets and couplings). Install the gutter system using ordinary household tools.

Mark a straight line on the fascia about 3/4 inch below the shingles for a guide to keep the gutter system level. Fasten a drop outlet to the fascia every 20 to 30 feet at the desired locations of the downspouts. Install corner pieces at each inside and outside corner. Fasten brackets to the fascia every 2 to 3 feet between each fitting.

Cut the gutter sections to the required length using a handsaw and a miter box. Apply seal lubricant to the seals on each fitting. Snap a lubricated slip joint onto one end of the first gutter section, aligning the end of the gutter section with the indicated mark on the slip joint. Snap the gutter section into the first drop outlet and gutter brackets. Align the top of the slip joint with the guide line, and fasten it to the fascia with a rust-resistant screw. Repeat the process for each additional gutter section.