What Do Rainforest Tribes Eat?

Ben Sutherland/CC-BY 2.0

The specific foods that rainforest tribes eat varies by location; however fruits, vegetables and meat or fish are some of the main types. Fruits are especially plentiful in the rainforest, including berries, citrus and a number of other kinds.

Fishing is a top source of food for many people who live in the rainforest. Trout is an abundant catch that provides a low-fat source of protein. In addition, tribes hunt wild boar, deer and other animals for meat. Birds, insects and bugs are also caught for food.

Acai berries, passion fruit and bananas are some of the typical fruits enjoyed by tribes in the rainforest. Other commonly found fruits are mangos, papaya, tomatoes, grapefruit, guava, figs, avocado, pineapple and coconuts. In addition, lemons and other citrus fruits grow in many regions. Rarer and less known fruits, such as aguaje, are also eaten. Nutritious nuts are gathered in the rainforest, particularly cashews, Brazilian nuts and vanilla nuts.

Some of the vegetables that grow in the rainforest include potatoes, rice, corn and manioc. Eaten raw or used as a spice, many different types of peppers are also grown. Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, black pepper, cayenne pepper and other spices are also eaten by tribal people who live in the rainforest.