What Are the Questions for the PNP Neuropsychiatric Test?

Current Psychiatry explains that there are many questions that could appear on a neuropsychological test. The questions aim to examine patients through cognitive and behavioral functioning, and medical students who take the test must be able to identify a patient’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Personality testing is one of the PNP neuropsychology test’s sections. As a part of that testing, patients must respond to stimuli, and medical students then record those responses to help define the patient’s mental state. A personality test could use the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, according to Current Psychiatry, or the Likert-type scale may also be used.

Neuropsychological testing helps medical providers because it can help determine differential diagnoses. For example, changes in memory and cognition could be tested, and by rating the answers, the medical provider can better show if the patient is suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease or other mental illnesses outside normal aging, according to Current Psychiatry.

A sample question may ask the patient to rearrange cards in a specific order or to recall something that they’ve just read. If the patient struggles with retention, has trouble interacting with peers during the session or has a poor attention span outside normal behavior, Current Psychiatry explains that it could indicate a psychiatric issue.