What Questions Are on the CCW Test in Ohio?

The written portion of the Ohio Concealed Handgun License test, commonly known as a CCW test, includes questions about the rules of safe handling and proper storage of handguns and ammunition. The exam also includes a physical demonstration of safe handling and storage.

An Ohio resident must complete eight hours of training and complete a written exam to obtain a Certificate of Competency. Active and reserve military members, recently discharged veterans and retired law enforcement officers may qualify to have the training requirement waived. An application for the license is available at county sheriffs’ offices and on the Ohio Attorney General’s website. The applicant should make an appointment with sheriff’s office to apply.

The applicant undergoes mental competency and background checks, and he has his fingerprints recorded. The applicant must also attest to reading a pamphlet about concealed carry laws. The cost of the application is $67 for Ohioans who have resided in the state five years or more and $91 for more recent transplants, as of 2015.

It is under the purview of the sheriff to determine whether or not a particular training course meets the requirement set forth by the Ohio Attorney General. The Attorney General recommends that anyone considering a Concealed Handgun License training confirm that the instructor is knowledgeable and that the sheriff’s office accepts the course.